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Girls falling like dominos in BBA

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

I hate to say it but it appears it’s going to be a man’s world in this year’s season of Big Brother Hotshots. To imagine that it has been only three weeks into the reality show but already Africa has voted out six female housemates consecutively, it is just disheartening.

Butterfly (left) and JJ from Zimbabwe face stiff competition in season nine of Big Brother Africa.
Butterfly (left) and JJ from Zimbabwe face stiff competition in season nine of Big Brother Africa.

Why are women not supporting each other or is it a case of men not supporting women? Whatever the equation maybe, I think that it is too common in Africa.

Quite honestly, at the rate at which women are being evicted from the Hotshots, it looks like the battle will be between men.

Maybe that is why they call it Big Brother, which means at the end of the game, there should be an all male house.

But on the other hand it is hard to fault this week’s choice.

It was a relief to have Laveda saying goodbye to the house after that awful act. Laveda was in the habit of to quote Arthur “campaigning everyday” including the night she masturbated, yes, she did it in full view of everyone in the house.

Whether Laveda did that as a strategy or not, it really backfired.

She was also in the habit of making noise in the house with her saxophone. Speaking of which, with every current housemate wanting to be a musician in the house

I almost thought the show had changed to big brother musical. Permithius is a singer, JJ a guitarist, Kayce is a musician, Alusa a guitarist and so forth.

Laveda is the sixth housemate to leave Big Brother house after Sabina, Resa, Mira, Esther and Lilian.

With Sabina and Alusa, effectively that means Kenya is out of the competition. And for those not in the know, Alusa and JJ appeared in the last edition of Big Brother as “fake housemates”.

So already they had a strong connection and got along well in the house and when Nigerian Tayo “attacked” JJ, Alusa quickly moved in to the rescue.

So our man JJ owes Alusa one and he should never forget him when he finishes in the top three, touch wood. Especially as it appears that JJ enjoys better support outside the house than inside. He has been put on the eviction list by his housemates for three straight weeks and he survived it due to outside support.

I shudder to think what will happen to our dear Butterphly when she is finally put up for eviction.

I was happy to meet her brother Taguma, at the Book Cafe on Sunday.

Taguma asked what I thought about Butterphly’s strategy in the house and I was very open.

I told him that she was playing it cool and safe.

She is trying to avoid ruffling furthers in the house and that way it helps because come nomination time the other housemates will not remember she exists.

According to Taguma, Butterphly is likely to come out of her shell towards the end of the show.

He described her as “outgoing”. At this point, her strategy is working well but the thing about Big Brother is housemates should not stick to one strategy for too long.

They should be able to adapt and obviously play their cards close to the chest. At times we get to know of their plans when they start speaking. So it is always good to know what, how and when to say it while in the house.

One of the best things Biggie did this season was moving the Head of House tasks from Friday to Monday and nomination from Monday to Sunday night so that there is not enough time to strategise ahead.

This is perhaps why most housemates stumble to nominate even though the list of names up for possible eviction will be in the diary room.

This week’s nomination results are as follows:
Sheillah – 10, Macky 2- nine, Mr 265 – five, Luis – 4, Kacey Moore – three, Arthur- three, Permithias – two, Nhlanhla – one and Sami – one.

This means that Sheillah, Macky 2, Mr 265, Luis and either Kacey Moore or Arthur could be going home come Sunday. For now Zimbabweans are safe.

Until next week, remember this is television and its real. The Herald