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MDC rebels sober down to reality

By Itai Dzamara

As the Zanu PF political chaos and drama keeps stealing the show in recent weeks, elsewhere, there has been a sobering down and adjustment to reality by a gang that had dished out the other major political scandal of the year.

Tendai Biti
Tendai Biti

The group of MDC rebels have come down from their fantasy land, where they had propelled themselves in a crazy period of four months. It is pertinent to unpack the quick evolution that the group led by former MDC secretary general Tendai Biti has gone through, and locating the real implications of their project going forward.

First, and most crucially, it is very salient, symbolic and far-reaching that, eventually, the MDC rebels’ bubble had to burst and prove to be what it is in reality – a false image or impression. The bubble symbolises the illusional and delusional imaginations, claims and projections that the Biti group had tried to establish themselves upon.

These include false claims of having ‘taken over’ or ‘saved’ the MDC. They include gaffes and boobs such as the Mandel Training Centre false act, which was meant to pass as a successful coup at the end of April.

The Biti group’s self delusion acts included going around falsely claiming to have capacity to at least match the Morgan Tsvangirai leadership in the battle for the heart and soul of the massive MDC support base – and even going further, quite insanely, to claiming to have the upper hand.

The delusional imaginations included a rush towards a purpoted ‘united front’ by a small team that couldn’t even organise a boozers football match – because they were neither existing nor with the capacity. The major debilitating effect now being suffered and grudgingly admitted by the MDC rebels from the bursting of the bubble of false pretences, is that it plunges them to ground zero.

I always warned in my analyses, about the very naive and overzealous tendency by the Biti group, to built plastic castles in the air and boisterously invite the world to join in trying to climb into them – towards what was advertised as a political revolution in the making.

There was always the danger of that inherent culture of deception, sooner than later, running its course, and exposing the Biti gang as not only charlatans, but even blatant political crooks that would believe their naked lies.

Very unfortunate for the few that had genuinely put hope in the Biti gang as a vehicle for a new political agenda and impetus – because, now, under the stubborn radar of reality, there is absolutely nothing close to the grand illusions that the MDC had tried to ride on.

Where previously the Biti group would cheat through or gain little momentum on the basis of ambiguity and the benefit of doubt, the MDC structures and supporters now are very clear in perception and verdict.

That key constituency now knows beyond any inch of doubt that Biti and company were all along blatantly lying and further, the reality of who is in charge of the MDC. That deals a fatal blow to the small Biti outfit, because, it determines the outcome of their real political battle – the fight to gain support of MDC structures and followers.

I have no doubt at all that the Biti group bungled and shall not find it possible to emerge out of the pit they plunged into through trying to conquer the opposition political field by presenting themselves as champions, hailing from a castle existing in the air but made of plastic.

Secondly, and also quite crucially, the bursting of their bubble now points to the realistic opportunities, fortunes and prospects of the Biti group. They are now starting their political project from scratch.

In other words, the MDC rebels have now virtually landed, and beginning to find their feet, before taking first, very little steps into a very long, treacherous journey. Yet, they are weighed down and being tormented by a huge elephant in their boardroom – the ghost of damage wrought by their previous charade and farce of lies and delusional gimmicks.

The Biti group is having to now start mobilising for membership – because they never had anything tangible and substantive. They always deceived themselves by over counting their few heads and little pockets of disgruntled MDC structures they had meticulously bought over during their time in control of key MDC positions and departments.

Yes, the Biti group has no membership enough to form a party – and they have grudgingly sobered down to accept that reality. They are having to start from that basic take-off position, which they had sought to evade and cheat through when they rolled out their delusional mission.

Now, right there, the MDC rebels stare Mount Kilimanjaro of their political dreams and illusions, because, very importantly, they have no powerful basis on which to lure membership. After selling their dummies and lies and then watching the bubbles burst, the Biti group now have to sell a real product, or agenda to the people, from mainly the MDC and also elsewhere.

I am afraid, it is an uphill task for Biti and company. Their ‘renewal’ mantra and posturing viciously melted in the furnace of their drama of lies and hotch potch chaos. Very few people may have interest in the ‘renewal’ message coming from a gang that proved not to know the difference between red and orange and tried to claim them to be the same, for quite some period.

Finally, as l also always warned, the Biti group shall be tormented in huge ways by the perception very pervasive in the market, that they have secret deals with a decaying Zanu PF. In their moments of craziness and stupid bungling, the Biti group substantially fed into that perception of having secret deals with Zanu PF.

And, as they fell down to earth recently, the MDC rebels found a stubborn ghost of that perception waiting to become their intercessor to the people where they are selling their damaged goods.

Conclusively, therefore, unless a miracle comes their way quickly, the Biti group shall not grow beyond a very little and controversial political entity created by a few MDC rejects – without any significant say to the national political dynamics.

Itai Dzamara is the Editor-In-Chief of Trinity Media (Pvt) LTD (Publishers of The News Leader and The News Leader on Sunday)