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Lady Squanda assaults Lipsy at dancehall show

By Nyasha Kada

HARARE – Lady Squanda turned violent and attacked fellow female dancehall artist Lipsy Chitimbe at the Star FM Dancehall Remedy first anniversary celebrations at the Mbare Netball Complex on Saturday night.

Lady Squanda assaults fellow singer Lipsy Chitimbe
Lady Squanda assaults fellow singer Lipsy Chitimbe

According to reports Squanda hit Lipsy on the head and she collapsed. The case was reported at Stodart Police Station under case number RRB7855/14.

The brawl ensued amid allegations that Lipsy had texted Squanda’s South Africa based boyfriend Prince “Bolo” Sithole a message indicating that Squanda was a commercial sex worker.

“Lipsy akatumira muface wangu message achiti udza hure rako Squanda kuti risandijairire and then muface wangu akabva andisendera message yacho back.

“I then asked Lipsy on Whatsapp kuti hure ndiani and then she blocked me so I asked her face to face yesterday (Saturday) kuti wawaiti hure ndiani and then she asked me to leave her alone.

“Pane muface waanga ainaye ndiye akatanga kundi junga-junga achiti hautaure na Lipsy uchidaro, ndikati why akoshei, why shouldn’t I ask her iye aindituka that’s when I then beat her up,” she said.

Squanda, who was still bitter when called for comment on Sunday added: “Ndicharamba ndichingo mubika chete kana ndikamuona, kwasara ka shamwari kake kamwe kanonzi Mabrugwa.

“Handina basa nazvo kuti aita police report, ndinongosungwa handisirini ndatanga kusungwa ka, asi ndichingo buda chete ndomudzokorora futi, kusvika hasha dzangu dzapera.

Lipsy, who said she was still in pain when contacted for comment, confirmed the brawl but denied ever bad mouthing Squanda.

“I communicate with Prince but I don’t remember texting such a message. Yesterday (Saturday) was my first time ever to meet Squanda and I was surprised because akangouya kwandiri achiti ukuda kundijairira.

“Ndikamuti Empress musadaro kana paine nyaya munouya paden totaurirana kwete kuno kubasa.

“I then went aside to avoid her, left for the car and then came asking for this guy anonzi Fungai whom we had with us and after that I don’t remember what happened.

“I only remember being hit with two things on the head, I was treated at Parirenyatwa Hospital but we made a report at Stodart Police Station,” she said

On her latest track titled “More Fire” Squanda mocks Lipsy because she hates her.

“Hanzi kwaita party and kurikudiwa vane locks. Mabhebhi awandisa dedzai Knox . . . Lipsy gona abva adonha negotsi. Maface ese akudedzera toda Squanda Fire,” she sings on the first verse.

The self-proclaimed queen of Zimdancehall had no kind words for Lipsy and her reason for the diss was because the latter was a disgrace in the industry.

“That is indeed my new party track and yes it is controversial. I sing about other artistes like Nox and Shinsoman but the part about Lipsy serves to eliminate her from the scene because I hate her,” she said.

“I could never compete with Lipsy because she is the worst female Zimdancehall artiste in this country. Her music is not dancehall even though she rides on our (zimdancehall) riddims. She is nothing in the industry and she does not even have shows to prove it,” said the husky voiced chanter.

There were indications that the two “empresses” have not been in good books since Lipsy allegedly snatched Squanda’s man.

Only last week Lipsy, through her manager, Chris Chikwature, said she was unaware of any feud considering they had resolved the issue long back.

“We have heard of the track and as far we are concerned it is not a diss track. It is merely a party track and the artiste is expressing her creativity.

“On the issue of clashing over a guy, that happened a long time ago and was resolved, Lipsy went out with him without knowing he had unresolved issues with Squanda. The moment she found that out she backed off because she doesn’t believe in feuds in the industry,” said Chikwature.