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11 year old girl wins $250 in Nehanda TV video competition

An 11 year old Zimbabwean girl from Birmingham (UK), Charmaine Chamisa has won herself US$250 in the inaugural Nehanda TV video selfie competition.

Charmaine Chamisa
Charmaine Chamisa

Charmaine’s “KuZimbabwe Tichauya Hedu Asi Kuno Zvirikufaya” parody raked up a combined 20 058 hits on You Tube. She managed 15 337 views on the Nehanda TV You Tube channel and a further 4721 on her own personal channel.

Speaking to Nehanda Radio on Friday Charmaine’s dad Shaw Chamisa could not hide his excitement telling us, Charmaine, apart from her humorous side “wants to be a doctor and would like to do charity work helping children in need.”

Below are the top 5 videos in our competition

Number 1: KuZimbabwe Tichauya Hedu Asi Kuno Zvirikufaya
Number 2 : Ultimate #Zvirikufaya ne Ndege (Aeroplane)
Number 3: Zviri Kufaya – Water Melon
Number 4 : Zvirikufaya: Response to Eric Knight
Number 5: Zvirikufaya kubva ku gym ne Benz