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The nation feels pity for Mugabe: Tamborinyoka

By Luke Tamborinyoka

A nation reeling under a serious economic crisis today woke to the shocking realization that President Mugabe is more worried about Morgan Tsvangirai than an economy plodding towards an implosion.

President Robert Mugabe arrives at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre in Maputo, Mozambique
President Robert Mugabe

The MDC President’s main worry at the moment is about a nation in crisis and the sooner Mr. Mugabe regards the crisis facing the nation as a matter of priority, the better for everyone.

Government workers have no pay, the country is facing a serious liquidity crunch, Zimbabwe has an unserviced debt of over $10 billion but all the President of the country has on his mind is Morgan Tsvangirai.

For the record, President Tsvangirai has publicly spoken about is issues. In 2012, he issued a public statement offering his apologies to anyone who may have been inconvenienced during his search for a woman to marry after the death of his wife of 31 years.

Recently, in his “Personal Reflections”, he made it clear that any perceived errors about him did not constitute the sum total of who he was as a national leader.

But facts are stubborn. Whatever President Tsvangirai did, he was a widower. He is now happily married to his wife, Elizabeth.

As for President Mugabe, he has no right to lecture anyone on morals.

This is a man who, as President of the country, had a child with his secretary while his wife, Sally, was dying of a kidney ailment. His eldest daughter, Bona, is a child he had with his private secretary while his wife was terminally ill. Zimbabweans are facing a serious national crisis and the least they expect is unnecessary and needless diversions from key issues affecting them.

Mr. Tsvangirai has come clear on his issues and if Mr. Mugabe wants a debate on morals, he should start by explaining his relationship with his secretary while his wife was dying.

We believe that Mr. Mugabe’s diatribe is a an attempt to divert national attention from the huge crisis facing the nation and his failure to come up with a solution.

Zimbabweans refuse to be needlessly side-tracked and all the President should do is tell the nation how he is going to solve the multi-layered crisis facing the people of Zimbabwe.

Listening to the Mr Mugabe yesterday, one would have thought that it was Morgan Tsvangirai who had died! It is both immoral and unAfrican to attack people at a funeral; a funeral they would not even have attended.

President Tsvangirai has nothing to hide. He is challenging Mr Mugabe to a public debate on character and good leadership.

Mugabe’s fixation with the MDC leader is understandable; he is the man who trounced him in an election and taught him that it is possible to change the fortunes of this country with leaders who love and care for the people.

It is understandable for people of his age to be senile and it is certainly President Mugabe who deserves national sympathy and prayers.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson
Movement for Democratic Change
Harvest House