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Jealous hubby stabbed wife ripping her stomach open

By Mashudu Netsianda

BULAWAYO – In a fit of jealousy, a Bulawayo man ambushed his estranged wife as she came out of her house to see her boyfriend and stabbed her several times, ripping her stomach open, a court heard yesterday.

Jealous hubby stabbed wife ripping her stomach open
Jealous hubby stabbed wife ripping her stomach open

Vusumuzi Tuso, 48, of Robert Sinyoka, appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Sikhumbuzo Nyathi charged with attempted murder.

Prosecuting, Masimba Saruwaka said on April 4 this year shortly after 8PM, Tuso got information that his estranged wife, Siphiwe Ndlovu, 48, was seeing another man, Simon Dube.

He said Ndlovu and Tuso had a long standing domestic feud and were no longer staying together.

“Tuso armed himself with a kitchen knife and went to Ndlovu’s home in Pumula East where upon arrival he laid an ambush near the woman’s house,” said Saruwaka.

On spotting Ndlovu coming out of her house to meet her boyfriend who had parked his car at a local shopping centre, Tuso followed her.

“When Ndlovu saw Tuso following her, she sensed danger and took to her heels as she headed towards her boyfriend’s car with her husband in hot pursuit,” said Saruwaka.

The court heard that Tuso caught up with his wife as she was getting into Dube’s car and managed to fish her out of the vehicle.

Sensing danger, Dube drove off and left his girlfriend at the mercy of Tuso.

“Tuso pulled Ndlovu out of the car and stabbed her several times on her wrist, legs and stomach, ripping it open and in the process leaving the intestines protruding. He fled the scene leaving Ndlovu lying on the ground writhing in pain,” Saruwaka said.

Dube later returned to the scene and drove Ndlovu to hospital and a police report was made.

Tuso was arrested by police officers who found him hiding at a mountain near Khami Dam a few days later.

Tuso claimed he stabbed Ndlovu in self defence.

“Ndlovu had grabbed me while being assisted by Dube to assault me and I had to use my knife to stab her so that I could free myself,” he said.

Ndlovu said she told her husband that she no longer wanted to stay with him because of his abusive behaviour.

“It was already dark outside and I saw him running towards me. He quickly produced a knife and ripped my stomach open. I fell to the ground and he started stabbing me all over the body.

“He tried stabbing me on the face but I covered it with my right hand and his knife cut through my wrist. He disappeared after realising that I was not moving,” she said.

The trial continues tomorrow. Chronicle