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Makosi says “hell no” to Big Brother Africa

By Esther Gomo

HARARE – Former UK Big Brother celebrity turned TV presenter Makosi Musambasi says, “Brazil (who were knocked out) have a greater chance of winning the 2014 World Cup” than her auditioning for the annual Big Brother Africa reality television series hosted in South Africa. 


Speaking to Nehanda Radio, the former UK cardiac nurse who rose to prominence after participating in the UK version of the same show, was responding to speculation that she might be auditioning for Big Brother Africa, whose auditions have been set for the Meikles Hotel in Harare over the weekend.

“Big Brother can be an amazing platform for people who initially have no talent but want to get famous instantly. I know this because I have been there and have the t-shirt. Big Brother is like KFC or McDonalds and when you have talent it can overshadow it.”

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Makosi who now has her own TV show “Makosi Today” broadcast on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) said “I don’t blame people for thinking every Big Brother is synonymous with Makosi because if I hadn’t done Big Brother millions of Zimbabweans would not have heard of it.”

Asked to explain why even popular singers with talent have gone on the show, Makosi said, “singers who go on Big Brother are looking for a shortcut but there are no elevators to success, you have to take the stairs. Imagine being Michael Jackson from Big Brother or Beyoncé from Big Brother?”