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Hosiah Chipanga takes a sabbatical

By Liberty Dube

MUTARE – One of the oldest and most lyrically gifted musicians in Zimbabwe, Hosiah Chipanga, says he is on “half time” musically and will only commence shows after winter. 

Hosiah Chipanga
Hosiah Chipanga

In an interview recently, he said he had resorted to visiting his rural home in Watsomba as a way of staying away from the day-to-day hurdles and problems he is facing in urban areas.

The Kwachu-kwachu hit maker said there was no business in the city and it was better to take a sabbatical in his rural area of Moyoweshumba in Watsomba and live a stress-free life.

Chipanga was in Watsomba for the past three weeks.

“I was in Watsomba for three weeks to take a rest. It is refreshing. Music has not been paying. It is better to listen to birds singing, sitting and relaxing in serene and peaceful environment in the rural areas.

“There is fresh air kumusha. Even soccer has half time. I am taking a rest. Basa hakuna (There is no business) and it is normal during winter.

“You always end up arguing with your wife if you go out for shows during winter. Imagine coming back home during the wee hours of the day disturbing the beautiful sleep of your wife uchimutonhodza. It is better I abandon music for a while,” said the outspoken musician.

Chipanga, a prophet and MAPIPI church founder, is currently riding high with a new album, Mumweya, where he likened himself to the biblical Noah.

Songs on the album include Shoko Ramwari, Zimbabwe Ndeyemweya, Matthew 5 vs 13 and Nharo. Manica Post