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We didn’t have sex, I was sick: Man tells court

By Adoration Bizure

UNIFRAME managing director Gilbert Maswera is denying paternity of a five month old baby sired by his wife Shingisai Nyamukasa stating that he has not been sleeping with her because he was sick.

UNIFRAME managing director Gilbert Maswera and wife Shingisai Nyamukasa
UNIFRAME managing director Gilbert Maswera and wife Shingisai Nyamukasa

Gilbert opened up at the Harare civil where he was taken by Shingisai who was claiming US$800 maintenance for the upkeep of two minor kids.

“The second child’s paternity is questionable Your Worship because I have a heart, lungs and kidney disease and at the time she fell pregnant I was seriously ill and I haven’t been sleeping with her so I don’t know who impregnated her,” said Gilbert.

He went on to tell the court that Shingirai’s claim was extravagant only meant to fix him.

“Yes I own the company but it’s running on debts; I also spend most of my money on my health treatment since I even travel out of the country for treatment.

“Her claim is extravagant and I know she wants to use all of the money in buying alcohol because she is an alcoholic.

“We share the same bin because she stays twenty meters away from my house and the bin is full of empty bottles of beer.

“So I am willing to pay US$400 which I have been paying all along because nothing has really changed, the new child is not mine,” he said.

Meanwhile Shingisai said Gilbert was in a position to pay the amount because he was getting money from his businesses.

“He is a director and owner of Uniframe company and a month he earns at least us $3000 from the business and an extra US$2000 from rentals from the properties that he has.

“My claim is not extravagant because I am breastfeeding and I am not drinking strong alcohol. I am only drinking scud,” said Shingisai.

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi deferred the matter to a later date. H Metro