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Mujuru slams vapostori for assaulting cops

By Wendy Muperi

HARARE – Vice President Joice Mujuru yesterday slammed members of an apostolic sect who battered police officers in Budiriro, describing the action as tantamount to slapping the State in the face.

VP Mujuru slams attack on cops
VP Mujuru slams attack on cops

Mujuru said police officers who accompanied representatives of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) to ban Madzibaba Ishamea Mufani’s Johane Masowe church on allegations of perpetuating inhuman practices, represented high State office.

Tinoda vanobata bhaibheri muriverenge muchiriinterpreter muchiripractiser. Makati mai Mujuru tinoda muitepatron weACCZ, hazvigone kuti ndoramba ndichiuya ikoko muchiita mabasa erima, (Read the Bible, understand and interpret it well, practice what you preach. I cannot be a patron of an organisation that misleads people)” said Mujuru.

Hazvigone kuti tirambe tichizokudzwa nehurumende muchishungurudza mukuru weikoko futi. Ouya ikoko, motadza kukudza. Chinonzi hurumende munochiziva here? (We can’t be praised by the government whilst we are harassing your leader. Respect your leaders.)” queried Mujuru.

Pamusoroi mupurisa. Ipapa pavakamira ipapa, tese tisiko, tiripo ipapa (Respect the police because they represent our leaders).”

Mujuru was speaking during the launch of the National Action Plan of Rape and Sexual Rape.

The Vapositori recently made headlines after ACCZ president Johannes Ndanga and a 26-member delegation, went to their shrine in Budiriro to address the congregation over issues of women and child abuse.

Congregants began singing “Umambo hwepfumo neropa” and started hurling stones.

Several police officers, ZBC journalists Relax Marufu and Tichaona Meza and an ACCZ delegate Langton Muchena, sustained serious injuries in the ensuing melee.

A ZBC truck was damaged on the rear and front windscreen, and a tripod camera stand valued at $1 350 was damaged.

The vice president implored members of the force to be exemplary by avoiding activities which defame the integrity of the force.

“What it means is your behaviour, ways, and speech is different because you represent us everywhere you are,” she said. “Hatichatombotarisira kukuonai muri magirl of the night nekuti matakura (you are representing) Zimbabwe and you must feel full.”

She added, “Why do I have to be different when I go behind a car, in a church or bus? Are you legion (demon) and how many legions are you?

Ehe tinozviona kana VaMugabe varipo, mutendi kana vasipo ndiwe nyanyanya. (You behave when Mugabe is around, when he is away you become stubborn).” Daily News