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Tendai Biti to form his own party

EXPELLED MDC-T secretary-general, Mr Tendai Biti, has said he will soon announce the formation of his new party which will use orange as its colours as he has finally broken ranks with MDC-T.

Former MDC-T secretary general Tendai Biti
Former MDC-T secretary general Tendai Biti

Speaking to MDC Renewal Team members in Gweru yesterday, Mr Biti said he would lure other parties so that they could form a grand coalition.

“I know that people have been asking a lot of questions of what will become of us in the future. Our response is we are going to form our own party and lure other political parties so that we create a grand coalition. We will use orange as our brand colours. We are exercising our right of association by dissociating ourselves from MDC-T. However, we are going to continue to be MDC Renewal Team for strategic purposes. We are also not at liberty to disclose the name of our new party,” he said.

Mr Biti also refuted allegations by some politicians that Zanu-PF was sponsoring the renewal team to fuel the split in an attempt to destroy MDC-T.

“We have heard some politicians alleging that we are being sponsored by Zanu-PF so that we destroy MDC-T. This is not the case. If there is anyone who should be linked to Zanu-PF it is Tsvangirai because he is staying in a house he got from them,” he said.