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Wrangle over William Bango’s estate

By Mirirai Nsingo

A Marlborough councillor Charity Bango is alleged to be in an estate wrangle following her husband’s death in February.

William Bango
The late veteran journalist William Bango

Councillor Bango was married to veteran journalist William Bango who died in a car crash in February and the former is said to have made it clear that her late husband’s children sired out of the matrimony would not benefit anything from his estate.

Edith Mashaire, one of Bango’s former mistresses said things had been tense at the late’s memorial held over the weekend, with Cllr Bango indicating she did not want anything to do with the children.

“Takaenda kunyaradzo yaWilliam tikadzingwa naCharity paweekend ini neumwe mudzimai anga ane mwana naWilliam. Akadzinga mhunu wese pamwe nehama dzemurume wedudzaida kuti nyaya yevana igadziriswe.

“She insulted us calling us prostitutes insisting that she didn’t want anything to do with those children and I don’t know how she could call me a prostitute when I was customarily married to William.

“Before he met his fate, he had spent the weekend with me and most of the things at the rural home, we acquired together.

“She is very naïve and I didn’t expect such behaviour from a leader like Charity and now I want the people that she represents to see the real person she is.

“Why should children suffer, I don’t want to benefit anything from William’s estate but the children should benefit from their father’s estate. How could she be so selfish?” fumed Edith.

Edith, who claimed to have William’s relatives’ support, vowed that she would pursue the issues at the court to ensure that her 10 year old child would benefit from the father’s estate.

Cllr Bango, however, dismissed the allegations over the estate maintaining that she had not said anything about the children.

“I don’t know what you are talking about and whoever told you that is not saying the truth,” she said. H Metro