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Police arrest man over picture joke

A Westlea man was arrested today after a picture of him in police uniform went viral after being posted on various social networks.

Joke lands man in hot soup
Joke lands man in hot soup

Sources in the force say police apprehended the man only identified as Madzibaba Chacha, a tailor, after his colleagues posted the picture they had taken of him in police uniform.

The uniform had been left by a cop who had instructed Madzibaba Chacha to do some alterations.

The police force and members of the Mugabe regime appear to have been unnerved after anti-riot police were given a thorough bashing last Friday by church members from the Johanne Masowe sect led by Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani in Budiriro.

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The incident on Friday has ignited a barrage of jokes on social media which are mocking the police for getting beaten up. Most of the jokes and comments are hailing the mapostori as heroes who took on a police force known for using brute force to suppress the opposition in the country.

More details later…