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Boko Haram tactics similar to Fifth Brigade

By Job Sikhala

What Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria by abducting more than 200 school girls into slavery and torture is no different with the story l was told by my late MDC Godfather Gibson Sibanda, that happened in the early 1980s. 

Boko Haram
Boko Haram

Sibanda said that, when he was a train driver then, he met one on the most horrendous experiences of his life that was still haunting him by then.

He said when he was driving his train from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo, he was forced to stop at a place called Sipepa in Tsholotsho by the Fifth Brigade that had more than 600 pregnant women under their captivity whom they wanted Gibson Sibanda to over run on the railway line.

He said some of the women’s wombs were already knifed open with foetuses of breathing unborn children demonstrating signs of life.

He said he totally refused to over run the women who were lined up along the railway line that he asked the 5th Brigade terrorists to kill him on behalf of the women.

He said in anger they ripped open the wombs of these women one by one for the whole day when all passengers on the train were asked to sing, dance and ululate when this horrible crime against humanity was being committed.

Boko Haram has the same sadist methods with ZANU PF. They have no respect for human life!!!