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Resolution of the MDC-T SA External Assembly on ‘leadership renewal’

As a structure in South Africa representing the 9 Districts here we would like to distance ourselves from the so called leadership renewal or any other forum that pushes such an agenda is the wrong forum.

Austin Moyo Snr
Austin Moyo Snr

An incorrect platform manifested itself at Mandel training centre in Harare on Saturday, April 26, 2014 and came out with resolutions that sound like ZANU PF propaganda to weaken the MDC.

We do not recognise the announcement that they have suspended the entire legitimate leadership of the Party that was democratically elected at a congress in Bulawayo in 2011.

Such announcements are a clear sign of a lack of direction and patience to get to the next congress. The platform which is misconstrued as an MDC National council was chaired by the wrong person not even to begin to check the quorum against the requirements of the MDC Constitution.

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We realise that part of our failure in the past has been the split within the MDC, something we cannot afford again now or in the future. How ever, as a democratic party, criticism from within must be allowed and listened to, but only through the correct constituted platforms. Democracy exists side by side with a constitution as a guiding document, otherwise it becomes anarchy.

We do not acknowledge that there is a new political development in MDC to warrant headlines except for the Herald and Sunday Times. There is no confusion within the Party leadership, but only a few ‘leaders’ are confused and confusing a few supporters.

As the leadership of MDC SA we affirm our continued support to the Party and all members of the standing committee as elected in Bulawayo in 2011. We do not recognise anything that came out from the Mandel platform. We urge the President Tsvangirai not to dignify the platform with his response.

MDC is a democratic party which must follow its own constitution in order to avoid anarchy. The party must be above all the personalities involved.

On behalf of the SA External Assembly,

MDC SA Chairman

Austin Moyo Snr.