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Maziwisa to sue Sikhala over “homosexual’’ claims

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – Zanu PF spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa says he will sue former MP Job Sikhala for making claims that he used drugs while engaging in ‘homosexual’ activities with the late English cricketer Peter Roebuck in South Africa. 

Psychology Maziwisa (left) with the late English cricketer Peter Roebuck in South Africa
Psychology Maziwisa (left) with the late English cricketer Peter Roebuck in South Africa

Sikhala, no stranger to controversy, used his Facebook page to write:

“I was told by his younger brother at the Media Centre public meeting in Harare last year towards elections that they used to be on the drug consuming spree with Peter Reobuck in Durban before he engaged in homosexual rendezvous with him, I long felt pity for this gay.”

“Scientific evidence show that anal sexual activity deposits the sperm into the brain and generally leads people into this practice to behave in a demented fashion. Dementia deserves no respect. I am rather concerned that the boy needs counselling to be rehabilitated into the community.

“He is under severe traumatic distress order for having been engaged in homosexual errands. I am rather praying for him. His life experience needs sympathy than scorn!!,” Sikhala wrote on Facebook.

Maziwisa meanwhile says “Sikhala has published malicious falsehoods. I am confident we can demonstrate that he had no such conversation with my brother and that his remarks were false and maliciously so. I will meet him in court.”

Maziwisa also said that he was “not interested in making money off Sikhala. I just want exemplary damages. It is the principle that we are accountable for what we write on social media that I am hoping the courts will establish.”

Former MP Job Sikhala
Former MP Job Sikhala

Sikhala however defended his remarks saying it was Maziwisa who provoked him.

“Psychology Maziwisa, is throwing empty threats everywhere against my person in the vain hope of trying to appear a more frightful ZANU PF cadre. He thinks he has every right to insult whoever he wants and get away with it.

“His over rated ego will be trimmed to size. He thinks he is the only one who should be allowed to get away with insulting and defaming others. He will learn it the hard way, if he thinks he can say whatever he wants against myself. I will give him an equal pound in any nonsensical move he will take.

“He will realize that he over rates himself. I will trim him to size that even people in his own party who have always been complaining that this young man ane dzungu sitereki, will be relieved of his madness.

“Courts are not kindergarten places. He must ask Jonathan Moyo who wanted to bully me when l was a young boy like him in 2000. Don’t start a war and cry foul. I will give you your rightful size young man. Bring it on!!,” Sikhala said.

President Mugabe with Zanu PF spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa
President Mugabe with Zanu PF spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa

But according to a Sunday Times story published in 2012, Maziwisa broke his silence just over six weeks after Roebuck died under mysterious circumstances in Cape Town.

Roebuck fell from his hotel room window as police were about to arrest him on charges of indecently assaulting Zimbabwean student Itai Gondo.

Maziwisa admitted, in a tell-all interview published by the Sydney Morning Herald, that Roebuck – who paid for his university education in KwaZulu-Natal – had fondled and kissed him passionately.

Maziwisa and other young men, who were “adopted” by the cricketer and lived at his home in Pietermaritzburg, initially described him as a caring father figure. But details later emerged of how he beat them with a black plastic tube on their bare buttocks.

Maziwisa was a 16-year-old pupil at St Joseph’s Orphanage in Harare when he met Roebuck in 1999.

There, he claimed, the former county cricketer kissed him passionately. He said he accepted the “affection and sexual interest” because he “had to look at the bigger picture” – his mother had died and his father was begging on the streets.

Residents of the house in Pietermaritzburg where Peter Roebuck paid for the support and upkeep of young men he had befriended.
Residents of the house in Pietermaritzburg where Peter Roebuck paid for the support and upkeep of young men he had befriended.

Roebuck paid for his schooling and, later, his father’s funeral. Maziwisa later headed the home in Pietermaritzburg where other young men stayed, thanks to the cricket writer’s financial support. It was there, in 2005, that Roebuck declared his true feelings as they sat on a bed, claimed Maziwisa.

“He looked me in the eye … by that time he had his hands in my pants … he said: ‘Look Captain, I have got something to tell you. I hope you are comfortable with it. I have been meaning to tell you I love you. He was hugging me and putting me by his chest, feeling me. I think that day he was ready to have sex with me, had I agreed, but I did not and told him so.”

Maziwisa at the time spoke briefly to the Sunday Times. “As you will understand I am just a little bit reluctant to share any further information,” he said. “There is stuff that is out there that I’ve already said, you could just use that.”

Roebuck ended the friendship with Maziwisa after he started working for the government in Zimbabwe.

In a tribute to Roebuck, published three days after his death, Maziwisa called him “a caring man in a league of his own who believed in the simple truth that everyone deserves a chance”. He said the 55-year-old had 35 Zimbabwean youths in his “capable care” at the time of his death.

Maziwisa was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald as saying Roebuck spared him the humiliation of being caned on his bare buttocks. Roebuck told him: “All these other guys, I cane them on their naked buttocks, but I’ll not do that to you, I respect you. You are my number one, I started with you.”