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Zimbabwean cleared of UK sexual assault and burglary

By Nazia Dewji

London – A Zimbabwean man has been cleared of sexually assaulting a woman from New Malden (South-West London). 

Arnold Nhliziyo
Arnold Nhliziyo

Arnold Nhliziyo, 33, of Elm Road, New Malden, was found not guilty of burglary and sexual assault following a trial at Kingston Crown Court this week.

He had been accused of breaking in to a couple’s home in November last year and assaulting the woman as she lay in bed with her partner.

Mr Nhliziyo’s defence team claimed he stumbled into the couple’s bedroom in the early hours after letting himself into the unlocked home in search of cannabis.

He was cleared of both charges by a jury yesterday. Mr Nhliziyo’s entire family filled the public gallery during the trial.

He will face trial for failing to comply with notification requirements on April 30 at Kingston Crown Court. Thisislocallondon.co.uk