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‘Prophet Makandiwa works for God’

By Martha Mashonganyika

The role of the media is to educate, inform and entertain the public. 

The media also plays the critical role of forming public opinion.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Some media publications have not lived to the mandate stated above with regards to matters of religion and the respective leaders.

In numerous cases they have departed from their duty to report factually, thereby creating a false image in the public about certain religious personalities and in the process damaging their reputation.

One personality whose reputation has been damaged by some media publications is Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. This is a view grounded on my personal experiences as a member of his church, UFIC.

He has, over the years that I have known him as a Prophet and father, demonstrated consistency in living a very principled life characterised by high integrity and morals. His character resembles that of Jesus and I am proud to call him my father.

He is a man of unparalleled wisdom and understanding as there is no subject or issue that he can’t tackle to the core.

He has an outstanding  ability to deliver the word of God to the understanding of thousands regardless of the differing intellectual levels. I was dumbfounded the first time I heard him preach and convinced myself he was an angel in disguise.

The word was being dissected in a manner I had never witnessed before. He is master of revelations; one verse can easily translate into over five pages of notes back to back.

Some say his preaching is charismatic, I say its supernatural for what he preaches manifests in the physical. I have testimonies in all aspects of my life as a result of proper teaching of the word.

To this day, years after my first sermon, I am more than excited to attend each and every service as I am always assured of a mind-blowing sermon.

Each one of the sermons is always new and relevant to my present circumstances. I never miss a service.

Just like Jesus in Luke 9:46-48, he has the ability to discern people’s innermost thoughts and questions and his preaching will address your situation without calling you out for an individual prophecy.

I have been victim to this style countless times over the years, and nothing is as thrilling and consoling as being aware that God knows you and is dealing with your concerns.

This exceptional gift to prophesy through preaching the word enables him to deal with thousands of people’s issues in one sermon thereby significantly reducing the number of people who would book for counselling sessions.

He exalts teaching the word above all other gifts and continuously emphasises on the importance of the word above everything else.

He rarely lays hands, rather he lays information, for he explains repeatedly that the reason for most people’s predicament is ignorance and only the laying of information and not hands will bring about total deliverance.

And when he does prophesy, to describe the accuracy levels as spot-on is an understatement.

Only in UFIC have I witnessed the dead being raised, a phenomenon I had completely dismissed to ever occur during my lifetime.

I have witnessed as people’s lives are transformed from poverty to riches.

The prosperity gospel works, the chains of poverty can be broken! All forms of bondage can be broken.

He is into transforming lives through teaching on all aspects of life from personal hygiene, business, marriage, love for parents to respect for elders and any man or woman of God regardless of denomination among many other issues.

Prophet Makandiwa works for God and is producing tangible results and this displeases the devil.

Martha Mashonganyika writes in her personal capacity.