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Betty Makoni speaks to author Marrily Runoona Rutsito

By Betty Makoni

There seem to be many female activists who are unsung heroes of our time who have stood up to share stories of surviving. One such is Marrily Runoona Rutsito author and poet of protest poetry. 

Marrily Runoona Rutsito
Marrily Runoona Rutsito

After going through a rough path of property grabbing by greedy relatives she had to fight it alone from age 16 till now when she is in a top business management role in UK.

She returns back to the same society that almost made her a victim with two poetry books, Voice of the voiceless and We belong to each other to make her case and that of other orphaned children be known.

She writes to every leader in Zimbabwe to be compassionate. She speaks out and advocates for children she saw poverty stricken upon her return to Zimbabwe. Marrily takes us on her Never Again journey.