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Police refusing to arrest Mangoma attacker: Mwonzora

By Lance Guma

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HARARE – Last month’s attack on MDC-T Deputy Treasurer General Elton Mangoma has taken a new twist with party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora claiming that despite being supplied with a video clip showing the attacker’s face, the police are reluctant to arrest the perpetrator. 

Douglas Mwonzora: MDC-T National Spokesman
Douglas Mwonzora: MDC-T National Spokesman

“The video footage shows an individual fighting with President Tsvangirai’s security aides in an attempt to access Mangoma. After being successfully repelled by the President’s aides the individual retreats only to go behind the security and managing to land about three punches on Mangoma’s face,” Mwonzora said.

“Nobody in the MDC has managed to identify this individual. He does not belong to any of the MDC structures nor is he a member of the MDC. In a bid to get this individual arrested the MDC supplied the video clip to the Police Law and Order Section.

“To the MDC’s surprise, the Police do not appear to be interested in tracking this individual at all. This is despite the fact that this person’s face is clear from the video footage. No wonder some people have suggested that this individual may be a person who enjoys the protection of some state agents.

“The police however insisted on arresting MDC activists who are well known for their support for President Tsvangirai. Fortunately the courts of law have found that the evidence against these activists is extremely weak and proceeded to grant them bail,” Mwonzora said.

Francis Mafimbidzofa, 38, Enock Mukudu, 31, Stefani Tafadzwa Jahwi, 36, Samson Tumai Nerwande, 41, Paul Gorekore and James Chidhakwa were arrested and charged with the assault. All of them with the exception of Chidhakwa have been released on bail with the magistrate saying the state case was weak. 

Mangoma torched a storm after writing a letter to Tsvangirai suggesting he step down and call for an extra-ordinary congress as part of leadership renewal in the party. This did not go down well with Tsvangirai’s supporters who argued that Tsvangirai was elected by a congress and that his term ends in 2016.

Matters came to head last month when Tsvangirai convened a meeting with around 210 provincial leaders at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare. Outside the venue anti-Mangoma protesters gathered outside. It was after the meeting that Mangoma was assaulted and had his shirt torn.

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