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Tongaat workers want union leader out

By Regerai Tukutuku

War veterans and workers from Tongaat Hullet have called for the immediate dismissal of self-styled war veteran and leader of the Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers Union (ZISMIWU) Admore Hwarare. 

Tongaat Hullet
Tongaat Hullet

They accuse him of financial mismanagement and of tarnishing the image of Zanu (PF) by forcing workers to pay a lot of money in monthly subscriptions.

Kilton Mukanya, a local war vet leader, said they were approached by union members who accused Hwarare of going around intimidating workers and forcing them to join ZISMIWU.

“Hwarare is masquerading as war veteran and tarnishing the image of Zanu (PF). He also claims to be a bigwig in the party, yet he is a mere supporter,” claimed Mukanya.

“We do not want workers of an important sector like sugar to be harassed by people like this so we have no option but to dismiss him. From today onwards he should stop calling himself a war veteran and leader of ZISMIWU.”

Workers from Tongaat Hullet claimed that Hwarare has misused huge sums of money belonging to the union.

The workers’ spokesman, who declined to be named for fear of victimisation, told The Zimbabwean people were being charged $5 per month in subscription fees and the funds have been misappropriated for years.

“This is too much. In most cases workers are being forced to contribute the money. We are therefore calling for his immediate dismissal,” he said.

Hwarare dismissed the claims . “Why do these war veterans involve themselves in union issues?” he asked. “I fought for this country and no one can doubt my credentials.”

He said no-one had the power to remove him from the union. During the run up to the July 31 elections Hwarare donated motor cycles to Zanu (PF), but the source of the money is not known. He also donated an undisclosed amount of cash to the party.

Tongaat Hullet owns Triangle, Hippo Valley and Mkwasine sugar milling companies. The company employs about 19, 000 workers who are all members of ZISMIWU. The Zimbabwean