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Student drugged and gang raped

GWERU – A 19 year old female student (name withheld) was intoxicated and allegedly gang-raped by fellow students at the Vocational Training Centre in the Midlands on Sunday. 

Student drugged and gang raped
Student drugged and gang raped

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said “I can confirm that we are investigating a case of rape where a female student at a local tertiary institution had sex with three male students after taking an illicit drug.”

According to reports the female student was invited for a beer drink by four classmates at the institution’s sports grounds where she was then raped. She was spotted drinking broncleer in the company of the suspects.

Three male students took advantage of her drunken stupor and took turns to rape her until she fell unconscious. The victim was found on the soccer pitch naked and unconscious by college authorities and rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

According to the principal the three students fingered in the alleged rape have already been suspended from the institution pending police investigations.

“The case is being handled by the police and as a matter of policy we cannot engage students who are under police investigations unless cleared or proven innocent. However, I cannot give you any details pertaining to that matter because I am not allowed to speak to the press unless authorised to do so,” the principal said.