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Dhora Mubhegi: Defying ethics and corporate integrity

By Dr James Madzimure

“Dhora Mubhegi” is a new phenomenon that has arisen in Zimbabwe which has seen Executives in most companies showing excessive greediness by pocketing money leaving the company bleeding. What happened to our ethics and corporate integrity? Have you ever imagined what would have happened to people’s conscience when they get huge packs while the rest of employees go several months without salaries? 

Apostle Dr James Madzimure
Dr James Madzimure

Some companies compensate workers by giving them payments in kind such as grain but is it what employees want? Unethical behaviour also affects the market system and the efficient allocation of resources especially when there is malpractice in the awarding of tenders.

The same executives with huge packs are the ones with shelf companies that will be given tenders to offer poor services at inflated prices. What is happening in Parastatals is only a tip of the ice berg, there is wide spread corruption tendencies that are crippling our economy. When will we find administrators like Daniel?

“Daniel distinguished himself above the administrators and satraps because he had an extraordinary spirit, so the king planned to set him over the whole realm. The administrators and satraps, therefore, kept trying to find a charge against Daniel regarding the kingdom. But they could find no charge or corruption, for he was trustworthy, no negligence or corruption was found in him” (Daniel 6 verses 3-4).

Ethics refers to the discipline dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation. In turn people are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with the principles, norms and standards expected by the society. This implies conducting business honestly and fairly with regard to the laws and values of society. Unethical behaviour in business involves bribery; coercion; deception, theft unfair discrimination.

Biblically, Daniel was an exemplary leader who practiced no corruption in discharge of his administrative duties in Babylon. Daniel was elevated above other administrators and Princes because of an excellent Spirit in him. Promotion came because Daniel was consistent in his belief in Godly principles.

The business world has borrowed from the bible on principles which encourages integrity in organizations. People have come to appreciate the need to hinge on excellence in character, operations, wisdom and understanding if success is the ultimate goal. In the bible, the young man called Daniel had an excellent spirit in him because of the decision he made to live by faith in Jesus Christ.

“God gave these four young men (Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah) knowledge and understanding in every kind of literature and wisdom…..In every matter of wisdom and understanding that the king consulted them about, he found them 10 times better than all the priests and mediums in his entire kingdom.” Daniel 1 verses 17-20.

Excellence also means attention to detail, meticulous and goes beyond the known standard. We need to pursue all things with all diligence. It also means that we must be blameless, exemplary and be in the will of God, the Almighty. Excellence and majesty means the same and they are the highest standard in the will of God. There must be no compromise in whatever we do. If we are to talk about excellence, it means that we must behave responsibly and not defile ourselves (1 Corinthians 6 verses 9-20).

“Don’t you know that you are God’s sanctuary and that the Spirit of God lives in you? If anyone ruins God’s sanctuary, God will ruin him; for God’s sanctuary is holy, and that is what you are.” (1 Corinthians 3 verses 16-17)

Everything we do must reflect the light of the Christ (Matthew 5 verses 14-15). The light always shines in darkness and darkness cannot overcome it (John 1 verses 1-5). We should not be moved by anything from our position of excellence. Before you go into tempting situations, you should know that God goes ahead of you. Remember we are made in the image of God and he blessed us and commanded us to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1 verse 22) and you cannot do anything that is unethical to achieve God given destiny. You are a unique image of God and you are very powerful.

Dr James Madzimure is a Pastor, motivational speaker and life coach. He co-authored two books namely; “Destined for Greatness” and “Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Spirit”.