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Open the heavens baba: A tribute to Nelson Mandela

By Chris Veremu

Wonder not why Kilimanjaro’s cold tears roll

Why majestic Victoria Falls frowns frozen

Nor why royal Nile’s golden heart is broken

Thirsty Sahara hard shrunk to a pebble cold

Ask not how the Congo’s famous rain forest

Buried self in endless furious blaze flame hot

Dried to cinder all round embers that scorch

Marking beginning old prophecy foresworn

At Cape’s world famous meeting point both

Seas weep cold hug tight Table mount with all

Revealed giant brazen rises above frozen froth

Was anywhere on earth such arresting moment

Sum blinding light sun moon and her stars shone

As one dimmed to glow much brighter even more

Lighting path is Mandela last of true saints known

All eyes drink in ascending spectacle of this mortal

Axis of poor globe known earth in firm steel locked

Motionless stock still it too salutes giant passing on

All gaze as Mandela’s halo above earth floats royal

Bathing it ever generously with his shadow all gold

Countless endless majestic tales will be forever told

No doubt lady fate hard to sway deigned this be so