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Chief runs amok, smashes NGO vehicle

By Sukulwenkosi Dube

PLUMTREE – Chief Mpini Ndiweni from Bulilima District allegedly ran amok and smashed the windscreen of a car belonging to the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (Orap).

Chief runs amok, smashes NGO vehicle
Chief runs amok, smashes NGO vehicle

However, there are different versions on the weapon he used to smash the windscreen with a witness saying it was an empty beer bottle while the police said it was a brick. Chief Mpini, 21, was reportedly not happy that Simbarashe Parewa, an Orap driver, had refused to give his relative a lift. The incident happened at Ndiweni Business Centre on Friday evening.

“I was seated outside the business centre when the incident occurred. I do not know what the problem was but I saw Chief Mpini throw an empty beer bottle at the driver of the vehicle. The bottle smashed the windscreen and also hit the driver on the forehead and people had to calm the chief who appeared to have lost his temper,” said Alfred Sibanda, who witnessed the incident.

Added Sibanda: “I know Parewa because he is a regular face at the business centre.”

Sibanda said many people were not happy with the conduct of the chief especially in public.

“The chief is reckless especially when he gets drunk. He is known in the community for assaulting people even when sober. A number of people have been assaulted by the chief in public,” said Sibanda.

A police officer stationed at Plumtree Police Station confirmed that Chief Mpini assaulted the Orap driver.

“We are aware of the assault by Chief Mpini on an Orap employee who was in a lorry. The chief approached Parewa and ordered him to drive his uncle who was in his company from Ndiweni Business Centre to Thekwane Bus Stop. Parewa, however, indicated that he was not allowed to carry passengers as the vehicle belonged to Orap. The chief then took a brick and smashed the windscreen of the vehicle and the brick went on to hit the driver and he sustained slight bruises,” said the police officer.

Contacted for comment, Chief Mpini denied the allegations but quickly pointed out that Orap was not welcome in his area.

“I did not assault the driver from Orap and I would never do that as I am a chief. Their organisation is, however, not welcome in my area as we did not consent to their activities. They did not even inform me that they would come to operate in my area,” said Chief Mpini.

“All we see are the organisation’s trucks passing through our area each and every day. They should stop their activities immediately as they are not welcome.” The Chronicle