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Sniper not losing sleep over Winky D

By Trust Khoza

HARARE – Dancehall superstar General Sniper Storm won’t lose sleep over critics who believe Winky D is bigger than him, according to his camp. The Warren Park bred chanter feels fans are the best judges when it comes to this raging debate.

Sniper, Lady Gee and Winky D
Sniper, Lady Gee and Winky D in the UK

The gifted chanter opened up on the side-lines Campus Nights Activations gig held at Tendai Hall in Bundiriro over the weekend. He said:

“I have heard about the raging debate but I believe it’s up to the fans to judge. My duty as an artist is to entertain fans and I will keep on doing my music.

“Of course, people are entitled to their opinion but they must realise that Winky D and Sniper are two different artists altogether.

“I have my own strength and style and the same applies to Winky D. Isu tiri masoja vana Winky maninja so we are two different camps with different ideologies.”

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Quizzed on his alleged beef with Winky D which nearly turned nasty three years ago when he forcibly grabbed the microphone from him, he said:

“We can’t keep on talking about the past. I don’t have beef with him maybe Winky himself is the one who has beef against me. However, I haven’t spoken to him for ages even though we share the same stage.

“It’s not that I avoid him but Winky has a big ego and I can’t force him to talk to me if he is uncomfortable.”

Sniper hailed Delta for spearheading the Campus Nights that have seen him getting ‘intimate’ with varsity students.

“It has been an amazing experience with varsity students. We have been spreading the message of one love. As you know, life at college can be tough at times and we have been urging them (students) to be strong if they are to achieve their goals.

“We have also been helping them to desist from risky sexual behaviour in this era of HIV and AIDS. They seem to be taking our advice and we hope to continue doing positive work.”

Sniper opened his act with the songs love yemusoja, Mob Psychology and Voodoo. He then sent the crowd into delirium when he played the song Wainira Musoja. Winky D and Shinsoman also performed at the event.

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