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Nyanga man falls from tree, dies

By Mercy Ngwebvu

A NYANGA tree feller fell from the tree he was cutting and died last week. Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri, confirmed the incident and said Witness Muri (22)’s body was taken to Nyanga District Hospital for post-mortem.

Nyanga man falls from tree, dies
Nyanga man falls from tree, dies

He said Muri (22), who lived with his in-laws at the Tokanika homestead in Chimonyo Village, had secured temporary employment at Nyatate Primary School, where he would go to fell trees when tragic struck.

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On the fateful day, Muri had gone to work as usual and was in the company of his brother-in-law, Ali Tokanika (21) and his friend, Ernest Mayonesa (24)

“Witness climbed one of the trees and started doing his work. However in the process, he slipped and fell from the tree. He hit his back against a log and broke his spine,” said Insp Chishiri.

He said Witness stood up and tried to walk back home, but he kept on complaining of a painful spine.

“Ali and Ernest decided to look for transport to ferry Witness to the hospital. He, however, died before getting to the hospital. It is very important for people to take security measures when they do risky jobs,” he said.