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Buhera man has private parts savaged by hyena which later attacked 10 year old

By Tatenda Mabasa | Nehanda Mutare Bureau |

MUTARE – A 42 year-old Buhera man Amby Dzere – who had his genitals, esophagus and two fingers savaged by a rabid hyena last week is battling for his life in the Intensive Care Unit at the Mutare Provincial Hospital.

Buhera man has private parts savaged by hyena, animal also attacks 10 year old
Buhera man has private parts savaged by hyena, animal also attacks 10 year old

The marauding hyena proceeded to attack four other villagers, among them a soldier. Hospital authorities said the four were responding well to treatment. When Nehanda Radio visited the provincial referral hospital on Thursday, Dzere was visibly in pain and labored to give his account.

Throughout the interview, the 42 year-old victim, had tears welling down his cheeks as he chronicled how he miraculously survived a 30-minutes long mauling by the vicious nocturnal mammal. The attack occurred in Mutiusinazita Village, Buhera South.

“I was attacked by the wild animal at around 4pm. The animal was rabid and could not let me go. I think its intention was to kill me. The hyena tore my clothes as I wrestled back and tried to flee. As it attacked my genitals, I shoved my hands into its mouth and lost two fingers in the process. It ferociously attacked my legs and peeled the skin as it looked set to kill me. The experience was nasty. I also sustained head injuries,” said Dzere.

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He said he endured his struggle for survival alone.

“No one was in sight to render help. Nobody heard my loud scream for help. It was an excruciating experience. I lost a lot of blood in the attack. I was in pain, but I had to stand strong. I fought my way out. Other villagers later arrived almost 30 minutes later and that is when the hyena fled. These villagers were God-sent because by that time I was fatigued and losing the battle,” said Dzere.

An hour later, the same hyena went on to attack three other people from the same village including Noria Musapukira who was walking home from Mutiusinazita Market. The 10-year-old Grade Five pupil lost her eye in the process.

A few minutes later, the hyena also attacked a soldier and two other villagers before it fled. Wild animals in the area, particularly hyenas and lions which have been perennially targeting livestock have off late shifted their attention to humans.

Villagers have been living in fear after three stray lions were killed recently. Villagers have since called for the responsible authorities to get rid of the wild animals to avoid unnecessary of deaths. The Parks and Wildlife Management could not be reached for comment.