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Unregistered ‘fake school’ profiting Zanu PF chefs

By Tererai Karimakwenda

It has been reported that an unregistered school, originally set up as a campaign gimmick by ZANU PF officials in Chimanimani, has continued to operate without a curriculum and is bringing profits to unqualified ZANU PF teachers. 

Joshua Sacco, a white farmer well known for promoting political violence against the MDC-T in Manicaland province, is to stand as a ZANU PF parliamentary candidate for Chimanimani East in the forthcoming elections.
Joshua Sacco, a white farmer well known for promoting political violence against the MDC-T in Manicaland province.

According to local activist Peter Chanetsa, who spoke to parents and students from Westward Hall Primary School in ward 14, there is no real curriculum at this so-called “fake school” and local children spend their time learning “chimurenga” liberation war songs.

Chanetsa told SW Radio Africa Thursday that the school is not registered by the Ministry of Education and the teachers are unqualified, some never having completed grade 7. Yet they are paid by the parents through a barter system which gives them wheat, maize meal and beans.

The headmistress, Mrs. Bheme, has a small office that boasts a ZANU PF poster of one of the original founders, Samuel Undenge, and Robert Mugabe on the door. The unqualified teachers allegedly include Christopher Chingwaru and another named Ndumiyani.

“The school was built on Westward Estate, property that was once owned by Border Timbers, but which was invaded and settled illegally by ZANU-PF supporters. They are also burning trees illegally there,” Chanetsa said.

He explained that the original idea of setting up the school came from Joshua Sacco, a white farmer who was once described by Robert Mugabe as being the last white man standing in ZANU PF.

Sacco stood against Samuel Undenge in the ZANU PF parliamentary primaries for Chimanimani East in the July 31st elections. Chanetsa said Sacco’s supporters announced to the state media prematurely that he had defeated Undenge. But the final count showed otherwise and Undenge went on to win the MP seat for the constituency.

Ironically, they had both promoted the creation of Westward Hall during the campaign period, hoping to gain support in ward 14 and surrounding areas. It is not clear who is now in charge of this still unregistered school. SW Radio Africa