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Stunner speaks out on Pokello

HARARE – Flamboyant rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme claims he had a clue that Big Brother Africa housemate and ex-girlfriend Pokello’s feelings towards him changed while she was still in the house in South Africa.

Stunner's romp with girlfriend Pokello Nare was captured on camera
Stunner’s romp with girlfriend Pokello Nare was captured on camera

Speaking during a Star FM interview, Stunner said “I knew something had changed with Pokello when she was in the house. Our relationship yanga isiri yemahubwe kana chii, I could tell from her gestures when she was in the house that it was no longer the same.

“I even called her sister and told her that there was now something and it was no longer a game. From that moment I was prepared but her words are the ones that disturbed me but it happened”.

When one listener suggested that they wanted Stunner in next year’s Big Brother episode he simply responded with a line from one of his songs:

“Panofa munhu pano.”

To round off the show he signed out with a free style which implied that he now wants someone foreign of a different race and culture. Part of the freestyle went like this:

“Zvakuda pane nyowani munhu type isinga goni shona kaforeign munhu

Tobuda mune rino dunhu tonodya mari yedu pakati pemabhunu…

Slim fit pasuit pasuit ndakachena ex girlfriend inogona kungochema

Babe please it’s not that I don’t like you pawai spender waya pakudawo wema thaza,” he sang.