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Eric Knight slams eviction of MDC-T families in Mbare

By Tererai Karimakwenda

A ZANU PF gang in the Mbare high-density area of Harare has continued to victimize residents suspected of being MDC-T supporters, amidst allegations that the police are siding with the perpetrators.

Eric Knight
Eric Knight

The MDC-T losing candidate for Mbare, Eric Knight, told SW Radio Africa that at least a dozen more families were seeking shelter at the party headquarters Thursday, saying they had been evicted by the ZANU PF Chipangano gang and were now homeless.

“The trend continues whereby MDC activists who are normally resident in Mbare are still being victimized. They are being evicted from their houses on the pretext that they are sellouts,” Knight said. Among the victims are women with young children.

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He added: “We are trying our best to make sure that at least they have the basics. We are trying to find them some food stuffs and some safe houses

The victims say the police in Mbare have been notified but no action has been taken to stop this illegal action by Chipangano, a gang with a long history of terrorizing residents in Mbare and other suburbs of Harare.

“The most worrisome issue is that whenever they approach the police to try and seek assistance we are told that the police are not cooperative. Instead of helping them they are actually victimizing them, turning the tables against them and saying you are to blame,” Knight explained.

The MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told SW Radio Africa earlier this week that he had spoken to some of the gang leaders and was assured that their supporters would no longer be victimized. But Knight said this has not happened and it seems the evictions will continue. SW Radio Africa