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Evicted Hakeem explains Pokello tiff

By Sharon Muguwu

HARARE – Ousted Big Brother Africa housemate Hakeem Mandaza says his supposed loathing of fellow Zimbabwean Pokello Nare on Africa’s most popular reality show was a strategy to fool the other contestants.

Hakeem arrives at the Harare International Airport
Hakeem (in glasses) arrives at the Harare International Airport

The Zimbabwean muscleman, who had a relationship with Zambian Cleo, claimed upon arrival on Wednesday afternoon that getting friendly to Pokello would have put the two of them in the firing line.

“When I said that Pokello was from uptown and that I was from downtown I meant that we were from different houses that she was from the Ruby House while I was from the Diamond House and these were uptown and downtown,” said Hakeem during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

“You have to be strategic when you get into the house. If you want to survive you must have a strategy. If you noticed people were targeting couples so I had to act like I didn’t care about Pokello so that we would not be targeted.

“Uganda was evicted in the first week (while) LK4 was evicted together with Koketso. It was my way of trying to make us survive for as long as possible,” he said.

The hunky former BBA housemate even declared support for flashy socialite Pokello who is now the remaining Zimbabwean contestant on the reality show.

“I will keep on watching Big Brother and I will be voting and supporting her until the end,” he said.

Hakeem’s claims that there is no bad blood between him and Pokello is in stark contrast to what he told Big Brother during a diary session.

The big Zimbabwean made it clear then that he was not willing to get close to Pokello.

“I will be honest with you and please I hope that nobody judges me for this. But the truth of the matter is that me and Pokello have never been friends and I don’t think we will ever be because we are two different people,” he said then.

“And we come from two different backgrounds and she is from uptown and I am from downtown and we hardly ever mix; we don’t have that sister and brother relationship.

“We just talk about some things even when we do you can actually tell that there is a difference in terms of opinion,” Hakeem told Big Brother.

For her part, Pokello said that she had liked Hakeem from the first day she met him and that he confided in her because he considered her an older sister.

The evicted BBA contestant, who intends to do a countrywide tour soon, hinted that some lucrative deals in West Africa could be coming his way.

Hakeem also explained his strained relations with Namibian Dillish.

“The issue with me and Dillish was all territorial. When she was in the Diamond House she was the centre of attention but when I got in it changed and shifted to me, so that was where our clashes were coming from,” he said. Daily News