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9 MDC-T activists hospitalised after attack

HARARE – Nine MDC-T activists have been admitted into hospital after Zanu PF thugs attacked them as they pasted posters with Southerton parliamentary candidate, Gift Chimanikire, who also sustained minor injuries.

Gift Chimanikire
Gift Chimanikire

Nehanda Radio has been told that Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka and Onismo Gore were involved in the attack. Chipangano is a group of thugs loyal to Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe who operate from Mbare in Harare.

According to a statement by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party the matter has since been reported at Stodart police station in Mbare.

“Zanu PF should not push the people further into the wall. This behaviour exposes them as hypocrites, opposed to diverging views. That they support an old and tired party should not restrict other forces of development, growth and stability from operating in this country,” the MDC-T said.

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Meanwhile dozens of Zimbabwean civic groups have started a “Feya Feya” (Shona for “fairly”) campaign targeting young people to ensure they participate in the July 31 elections peacefully. They are urging them to register to vote and to refrain from violence.

At a musical concert in Chitungwiza – 30 kilometers outside Harare – some 80 pro-democracy organizations in Zimbabwe are pushing the “Feya-Feya campaign”.

“Basically all these organizations are calling for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe under the banner of “Feya-Feya campaign,” explained Nixon Nyikadzino, from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, explaining the campaign’s goals.