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Makandiwa pastor arrested over ‘miracle’ gold

HARARE – A United Family International Church (UFIC) pastor was on Thursday hauled before the courts after allegedly being found in possession of nine grammes of supposed ‘miracle’ gold. 

Pastor James Mwarira
Pastor James Mwarira

The bullion, which is worth $429,26, was recovered wrapped in a Zimbabwe bearer’s cheque bill, which is now out of circulation.

Magistrate Don Ndirowei remanded Pastor James Mwarira (25), a pastor at Prophet Makandiwa’s UFI Kambuzuma branch. The man of God was remanded out of custody on US$50 bail to 18 June for trial.

The court heard that on 10 June, Sergeant Munouya, constables Walaza Mavhene from Harare Minerals Unit were on patrol when they received information that “Papa’s pastor” was dealing in gold at a shop, F.M Jewellery.

It is the State’s case that upon arrival at the shop, which is situated at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah and Kaguvi Street, the cops identified themselves as police officers to Pastor Mwarira. Mavhene asked to search Mwarira which he consented to while Munouya watched.

Allegations are that Mavhene recovered a suspected gold button wrapped in a ZW$50 Billion Zimbabwe bearer’s cheque, stashed in a small zipped compartment in Pastor Mwarira’s wallet.

When asked to produce authorisation for the gold, the UFIC pastor failed to do so, resulting in his instant arrest.