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Hakeem Mandaza proves popular on BBA

Well until Sunday’s Eviction Show, nobody knew how popular the Zimbabwean housemate Hakeem Mandaza was.

Hakeem Mandaza
Hakeem Mandaza

Judging by the number of votes cast last when he was put up for eviction against Tanzanian Feza, Namibian beauty Dillish, South African Koketso and Ugandan LK4, it appeared as though there was stiff competition little did we know that Hakeem was Africa’s favourite.

Hakeem got six country votes including Zambia’s obviously because of his relationship with the Zambian lass Cleo. It’s only a matter of time before Zimbabweans return the favour. Those who watched Hakeem’s dream date with Cleo must have thoroughly enjoyed the lovebirds in that cosy room.

Apart from Zambia, there is also another crucial vote and that is Sadc. It can be argued that most Sadc countries have a tendency to vote for the member countries and this is why Botswana voted for Hakeem. This is why West African countries like Nigeria and Ghana never vote for Zimbabwe.

In fact, Nigeria rarely supports or approve of Zimbabwe because of Karen/Wendall Parson debacle where they were co-winners. Viewers got to see Zim Hulk’s romantic side while Cleo made every woman feel jealous of her. There is no doubt Hakeem is the biggest threat and one to watch out for.

But looking at the results, it was interesting to note the countries that voted for Hakeem. Yes, Hakeem won that essential vote from the rest of Africa. This is the vote that made it possible for Uti Nwachukwu of Nigeria to win the Big Brother StarGame ahead of Zimbabwe’s Munyaradzi Chidzonga.

And that vote also shows how popular a housemate is.

However, it was a pity Koketso found herself at the mercy of voters even and a victim of the swap and replace rule. Had she not been put up for eviction she could have survived. Another sad part was Ugandans who should learn a thing or two about “less is more”.

LK4 gave away his strategy of playing two women at the same time while his counterpart Denzel did so much in a very short time. Just a day into the house he paraded himself naked much to the dismay of viewers. In an interview after being evicted from the house, Denzel admitted to being a “bit eurocentric”.

LK4 was a likeable character with poor strategy. We say goodbye to LK4 (Uganda) and Koketso (South Africa).

Here is how Africa voted on Sunday: 

Angola: Koketso

Botswana: Hakeem

Ghana: Feza

Kenya: Hakeem

Ethiopia: Dillish

Malawi: Hakeem

Namibia: Dillish

Nigeria: Dillish

South Africa: Koketso

Sierra Leone: Feza

Tanzania: Feza

Uganda: LK4

Zambia: Hakeem

Zimbabwe: Hakeem

Rest of Africa: Hakeem

Total: Hakeem = 6; Feza = 3; Dillish =3, Koketso = 2, LK4 = 1. (Total: 15 Votes). — DStv