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Mugabe ‘bootlicking’ bishop goes gear up

By Mugove Tafirenyika

HARARE – An apostolic sect bishop who claims to have received a prophecy about President Robert Mugabe winning the next election has gone a gear up in a bootlicking campaign which has left many Christians embarrassed. 

Wolf in sheep's clothing: Mugabe attending apostolic service
Wolf in sheep’s clothing: Mugabe attending apostolic service

Mugabe is king and people like Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who are trying to oust him through a peaceful election are committing a grave sin, according to Johannes Nyamwa-Ndanga, head of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe.

Ndanga marshalled his followers at the weekend to cheer Zanu PF political commissar Webster Shamu as the Information minister declared that “the bullet is mightier than the pen”. At the same function, Ndanga took the opportunity to grovel.

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“Mugabe is our king and kings are not elected, they are installed by God,” he said.

He urged members of the apostolic faith sect, more popularly known as Vapositori, to register as voters “to stop Tsvangirai from battering our old man”.

Ndanga said Tsvangirai was being disrespectful to Mugabe.

“So I urge you to register as voters and show the nation that as Vapositori we are very powerful,” said Ndanga.

“President Mugabe is being abused by Tsvangirai while we watch. How can he (Tsvangirai), young as he is, contest against him at the age of 89? Tsvangirai is beating up our old man and we cannot afford to fold our arms.”

Ndanga has previously claimed that 100 “bishops”, including him, had received prophecies from God that Mugabe would romp to victory in the upcoming election, which is likely to be held before the end of the year.

He has also made another astounding claim; that his church has a membership of 9 million congregates locally. The last census put Zimbabwe’s entire population at around 13 million.

Unwittingly admitting Tsvangirai trounced Mugabe in 2008, Ndanga is now promising hell for his followers who choose to vote for Tsvangirai.

“God will punish you for supporting Tsvangirai because we voted him into office in 2008 but he ran away when it mattered most,” he said.

“What guarantee is there that he will not run away again this time? Let us rather vote for Zanu PF and we must never rest until Tsvangirai goes,” he said.

Ndanga could be competing with several others for the top Mugabe praise-singer award. Heading the list is Shamu, who recently said he wished Mugabe was his biological father.

“If I was given the option to choose my father before birth, where would I go? I would have been Chatunga’s elder brother. I would have been number one at First House (at president Mugabe’s house). I would have said that’s where I want to be born,” Shamu said.

He also equated Mugabe to a popular milk brand, Cremora. Daily News