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Roki’s ex-wives claim they are done with him

By Zecheaus Nemadire

HARARE – The feud between urban groover Rockford “Roki” Josphats and his two ex-wives, Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa, continues unabated with the women alleging that the musician is failing to take care of his children. 

Roki (centre), Pauline Gundidza (right) & one of Roki's dancers perform at the Miss Zimbabwe 2012 pageant (picture by Zimbo Jam.com)
Roki (centre), Pauline Gundidza (right) & one of Roki’s dancers perform at the Miss Zimbabwe 2012 pageant (picture by Zimbo Jam.com)

Roki’s ex-wives ,who were booted out of their Waterfalls lodgings last month for failing to pay rent and other bills, are now living apart and they both claim they are done with Roki.

Pauline, who confirmed her split from her friend Melody, said she was now living peacefully with her two children, adding that she was no longer dependent on anyone.

“Why are you asking me about my private life? Rather you should ask about constructive issues that at least have something to do with my music. Right now my parents are unsettled and they will opt to change my surname because of these and other stories about my private life that you always write about.

“All I can tell you is that I’m done with Roki, I look after myself and my kids very well. I don’t know where Melody is currently living, but she is still my friend. Honestly, I have nothing against her,” said Pauline.

She, however, could not divulge where she was currently staying, saying it was personal.

Information from a close source who only identified herself as Massie said Pauline was living in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls.

“Mai Sky”, as Pauline is now popularly known, is looking for funding to start a project targeted at single mothers. She said the project was about educating and giving hope to all single mothers.

She will go a step further to release a CD which carries songs that talk about the life and experiences of single mothers.

“Let’s bury that issue of my relationship and talk about the business I want to start. It’s already in the pipeline and plans are that I will engage big organisations willing to avail funds in support of the campaign.” The Herald