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Mugabe preacher uses vulgar language

HARARE – Self-confessed President Robert Mugabe supporter and priest — Obadiah Msindo — has been filmed in an altercation with a car dealer in which he uses vulgar language to fend off demands for a debt settlement.

Destiny for Africa Network founder Obadiah Musindo
Destiny for Africa Network founder Obadiah Msindo

Msindo heads the Destiny for Africa Network, an organisation which includes his church and housing projects for the lower income and poor groups. In the video, in possession of the Daily News, Msindo uses abusive and x-rated language following a heated argument involving a debt owed to a Harare car dealer.

Msindo is alleged to have bought a car which he used before returning it to the dealer, but having clocked more than 3 000km on its mileage.

The dealer, identified as Mhike, rubbished the reverend’s claims that the car had developed mechanical problems and therefore he would not settle the outstanding money incurred when he first purchased it.

“Dude you will be hurt, I have warned you,” Msindo threatened as he charged at the car dealer. “I want to tell you something. I only respect one person in this country and that’s Mugabe (president Robert), anyone else your mother’s ****.

“Very soon you’ll realise you are not clever. I am not a stupid reverend like some that you poop all over. I am a comrade, I can defend myself, I will deal with you,” shouted Msindo.

“I told you I respect only one man, all the others I f***.” The car dealer accused Msindo of being a homosexual. Mugabe says gays are worse than pigs.

The Destiny for Africa Network founder vainly tried to bar witnesses from filming him during his outburst insisting: “I have a right not to be recorded.”

When Mhike arrives at the scene, all hell breaks loose as a fight starts between him and Msindo.

“You use my car three months and make a trip to Durban and then you come to me saying it has mechanical faults. How did it accumulate 3 300 km then if it was faulty? I am the last person you are ever going to swindle. Don’t talk about the Bible you do not practise. You breached the agreement.”

Msindo replies saying: “I will teach you a lesson. What is born again is my spirit not anything else.”

After the fight Msindo got off the picture, leaving Mhike shouting at the pastor’s men. Mhike demanded his money and vowed not to capitulate to the reverend’s threats: “What kind of a pastor is he? I want my money.”

Msindo has been previously involved in incidents that sullied his reputation as a man of the cloth. At one time, he was accused of raping his maid but was found not guilty by the courts. His former wife once accused him of abuse and trying to seduce his mother-in-law’s friend, allegations he flatly denied.

Msindo joins a growing list of other “men of God” with close links to Zanu PF who have been caught offside despite their social standing.

Ex-communicated Anglican Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, after losing the battle to control the Anglican Church, threatened to shoot journalists who were covering his fall from grace. After years marked with bliss and splendour, Kunonga’s fall was welcomed by most Christians. Daily News