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Prophet performs ‘miracle’ abortion

HARARE – In an unprecedented move, Kingdom Embassy founder Prophet Passion Java allegedly performed an abortion miracle when he prayed for a four months pregnant woman and the pregnancy disappeared.

Prophet Passion Java
Prophet Passion Java

The miracle was said to have been performed last Saturday at the corner of Leopold Takawira Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue where the youthful prophet conducts his church services.

A local tabloid reports that its news crew did not witness the miracle as it arrived a few minutes later. However the congregation was still celebrating the abortion miracle and the unidentified woman was lying prostrate on the floor.

In the same service, other congregants claimed to have received miracle money.

When the ‘miracle abortion’ lady was given time to share her testimony she had tears of joy.

“I was four months pregnant and as you can see my tummy is now flat to show that I am no longer pregnant, I was impregnated by my boyfriend four months ago but he has dumped me so I wasn’t prepared to look after the child because I am currently unemployed so I came here expectant of my miracle,” she said.

“This can only be God; we have performed this miracle because we did not want the child to suffer and she has openly said that she is not prepared to have a child yet because her boyfriend who impregnated her has dumped her,” said Prophet Passion on the pulpit.

However the miracle was received with mixed feelings as some of his church members who were present when the miracle happened did not really approve of the miracle.

“This is strange to me; I am so confused with what has happened today because I don’t think God would take away life, but I don’t want to judge because I know our Prophet is a true Man of God,” said one lady who could not disclose her identity. Prophet Passion personal assistant Israel Matthew said:

“Today’s service was one of its kind, we have finished late because there where so many miracles that were happening and this is the grace that is upon our man of God, he was part of the team that went with Prophet Uebert Angel to South Africa and we thank God for using him mightily.

“The woman is not one of our regular members,” he said.