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Mai Chisamba backs ‘Bishop’ Kunonga

By Edgar Gweshe

Television personality Rebecca Chisamba belongs to the faction of Anglican Church faction led by Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and she has no regrets about it.

Mai Chisamba backs 'Bishop' Kunonga
Mai Chisamba backs ‘Bishop’ Kunonga

“In Zimbabwe, there is freedom of worship and I worship wherever I choose. The fighting that is in the Anglican Church has got nothing to do with me and I don’t want to be involved. Handineyi nazvo (It doesn’t matter to me) but what I know is that it is God who made a choice for me to go and worship there (Kunonga’s faction),” said Chisamba.

The rightful Anglican Church headed by Bishop Chad Gandiya has said members of the Kunonga faction are welcome to join on condition ‘that they repent”.

When asked if she would accept Gandiya’s offer to return to the CPCA on condition of repentance, Mai Chisamba, who was deputy chairperson of the Mothers’ Union of the Kunong faction, said: “I go where I like. I also have respect for inter-denominational churches and I have been associated with the Methodists and Salvation Army.”

She admitted that there was need for action to ensure that the Anglican feud in Zimbabwe is resolved once and for all, a move she said would help to return sanity to the church. “My wish is for the Anglican church members to unite so that things go smoothly. There might be differences but they need to be ironed out,” she said.

There are reports that Chisamba is a close friend of the Kunonga family and was the “best lady” at Kunonga’s wedding anniversary in 2006. In 2007, an unsubstantiated story circulating on the internet alleged that she was having an affair with the bishop.

When asked to comment about this, she requested the questions in writing, but had not responded by the time of going to print. The Zimbabwean