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Bulawayo top cop attacks raunchy Beverly

The police officer commanding Bulawayo Central District, Chief Superintendent Leslie Maninge, condemned raunchy dancers, Beverly Sibanda (Bev) and Noleen Sifelani (Zoey), saying they were contributing to immorality in the city.

Beverly dances in Harare prison
Beverly dances in Harare prison during the shooting of her video

He said this during the launch of a blitz on beer outlets operating illegally. “We cannot sit and watch Bulawayo, a city that was known for morality and cleanliness being reduced to a place of immorality by allowing criminal activities to prevail.

“Also, dancers like Bev are causing immorality and as commanding officer for the CBD I will make sure the city is free from criminal activities like mugging, assault and robbery,” said Chief Supt Maninge.

Chief Supt Maninge who moved to Bulawayo from Gweru recently, said the police had embarked on a verification exercise around beer outlets to establish how many of them were operating without licences.

“There is a lot of criminal activity taking place in the CBD. Theft, shoplifting and mugging is taking place in night clubs and bars and as police we have adopted a system whereby we said let us go out and look into those with licences and those without.

“We are already doing that and soon we would establish which ones operate legally or illegally. Also of concern is the fact that such outlets allow minors into the bars thereby causing immorality.

“It is in these outlets where a lot of immoral behaviour takes place because they are allowing underage people to get in, buy and consume alcohol. It is surprising that they do so despite it being illegal to allow children under the age of 18 into liquor outlets,” he said.