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Street fighting wife (33) beats up hubby (23)

Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb residents were treated to running battles when a woman thrashed her husband for allegedly having a hand in the death of their child. The alleged incident which has become the talk of the suburb occured on Monday this week.

Street fighting wife (33) beats up hubby (23) for refusing to stay with her again
Street fighting wife (33) beats up hubby (23) for refusing to stay with her again

It is reported that the woman, Zanele Masuku (33) and her ex-husband Milton Chena (23) parted ways sometime last month after the death of their child. Masuku seemingly took the death the hardest and has gone to the extent of blaming Chena for the misfortune.

As a consequence of this, Chena took his belongings and left the couple’s home.

It is understood that Masuku made a number of attempts to make Chena rekindle their waning affair but all her efforts hit a brick wall. Prior to the incident, the woman is said to have approached Chena and urged him to come back to her. The man said he was not prepared because of all the blame that had been laid on him.

On the eventful day, Masuku went to the man’s house and once again tried to sort out their issues. With Chena proving hard headed, the woman got angry and what followed next is anybody’s guess. It is said that the physically intimidating Masuku got hold of the man by the collar and landed severe blows that left him gasping for breath.

This was in full view of onlookers. Seemingly spurred on by the growing crowd, the woman tactfully delivered countless massive blows on Chena who inevitably welcomed them all. The 10-years-younger hubby ran for dear life with Masuku in hot pursuit.

Probably due to untold fear of kick boxing round 2, the man fell to the ground but luckily picked himself up early enough and ran straight to the police where he reported that he had been beaten by the woman.

The ‘street fighter’ Masuku was however nabbed and appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Themba Chimiso on a physical abuse charge. She was remanded out of custody after pleading guilty. MyZimbabwe