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Zimbabwean model launches fitness video

By Esther Gomo

Teurai Chanakira a 31 year old Zimbabwean model based in Australia recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and has now launched a fitness video on You Tube.

Zimbabwean Model Teurai Chanakira
Zimbabwean Model Teurai Chanakira

“I did this video for a group of ladies I train. This is a totally E.A.S.Y. workout that you can do in your home or backyard & is so convenient for those who are constantly travelling and want to get a quick workout in. All the important body areas are accounted for: legs, butt, back, shoulders, arms & abs!” she said.

Teurai said since the age of 16 she has always wanted to be a personal trainer. “I grew up riding my bike, exercising and it’s just a part of who I am.” In January this year she took up the challenge and says she is now “one of the few African female PT’s in Australia and one of the first female Zimbabwean PT’s.”

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Teurai said she was also about to start on her advanced nutrition training. Asked what was her motivation she said “obesity is on the rise in Africa” and Australia were she stays “is the 3rd most obese nation in the world.”

Chanakira says due to her work as the Founder of the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust “besides supporting marginalized cancer patients, we stress the importance of nutrition/increasing physical activity to improve health – what better way to encourage people than to make a series of fitness videos??”

“You can expect a range of fitness videos from me: beginner to advanced workouts and videos showing how to make easy, nutritional recipes. I don’t want to give too much away…but also expect some fusion with my modelling work. My future workout outfits are being designed by a talented designer – fresh out of Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2012 – Haus of Igugulethu,” she added.

Check out Teurai Chanakira’s first video and give her some feedback