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‘Dead’ wife sues husband’s girlfriend

By Fungayi Lupande

A Harare woman who was lured into marriage after the man lied to her that he was a widower was yesterday shocked when the “dead wife” sued her. Matilda Dube brought Catherine Makuwe to the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order.

'Dead' wife sues husband's girlfriend
‘Dead’ wife sues husband’s girlfriend

Dube told the court that Makuwe was her husband’s “small house”. Makuwe disputed that she was Walter Chitete’s mistress but told the court that she was his wife. “When Chitete married me he told me that his wife passed away a long time back and I never knew about this woman,” she said.

Dube produced a marriage certificate before magistrate Mr Milton Serima as proof that she was indeed Chitete’s wife and “still alive”. “This woman is lying. She knew about me. I stay in the rural areas and whenever I visited my husband in Harare she would go away from the house.

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“Now that I finally found about her affair with my husband she is annoying me by sending me several call me backs. She visits my house and tells me that she is the second wife and we should stay together,” she said. Makuwe told the court that she stayed with her husband in Rugare.

“Chitete would give me money every month-end and ask me to go and see my other children who stay with my mother. He would then tell me when to come back not knowing he would be making sure that I didn’t meet his wife. Last month I refused to visit my parents and he badly assaulted me,’’ she said.

Mr Serima ordered Makuwe to stay away from number AA26 Nyashanu Street, Rugare, and observe her peace. The Herald