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Tsvangirai admits fathering child out of wedlock

By Temba Dube

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday admitted publicly for the first time that he fathered a child out of wedlock with a Bulawayo woman. Tsvangirai has always declined comment on the matter of his 19-month-old love-child with Ms Loretta Nyathi.

Tsvangirai admits fathering child out of wedlock
Tsvangirai admits fathering child out of wedlock

Although Tsvangirai reportedly made private arrangements to pay a monthly maintenance of $1 400 for his son, Ethan, he has never publicly acknowledged him and is reportedly refusing to assist his mother to obtain a birth certificate for him.

However, at a Press conference at a Bulawayo hotel, the MDC-T leader denied ever shirking his responsibility over Ethan. “I have my personal life and you have yours. I would prefer that we keep it like that. I am not refusing to assist him. Whatever the reports you have heard, I will take care of him and his mother knows the arrangement that we have.

“I have not refused my responsibilities. It is not true that I am refusing to have my son get a birth certificate. I am happily married,” said Mr Tsvangirai, apparently annoyed by the reporters’ insistence to know why he was refusing to help his son get a birth certificate.

When news broke out last year that Tsvangirai had made Ms Nyathi pregnant, he reportedly rushed for an out-of-court settlement. Press reports over the weekend indicated that Ms Nyathi’s friends said Tsvangirai, besides maintaining the child, had never shown any interest in him.

Ms Nyathi is said to have since asked the MDC-T leader to increase the monthly contribution, saying it was not enough to cover expenses for her and the baby every month. She reportedly pays $550 for the rent, about $300 for electricity and water bills, $100 for the maid, and the remainder goes to groceries.

Ethan is said to have no medical aid cover. Ms Nyathi is reportedly arguing that taking care of  Tsvangirai’s son is a full-time job, which precluded her from getting another job to earn extra income. She was said to be disgruntled by the fact that Ethan was not enjoying the same luxuries that Tsvangirai’s other children were enjoying.