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Sex trap goes horribly wrong in Melfort

A man lusting after his daughter-in-law almost got his wish after a poorly-orchestrated trap went horribly wrong at a resettlement scheme in Melfort. The man, Misheck Musa (40) pestered his daughter-in-law for sex for sometime. She told her husband who then hatched a plan to trap his father.

Sex trap goes horribly wrong
Age ain't nothing but a number

His step mother was also kept in the loop. The plan was for the daughter-in-law to give in to the sex request and lure Misheck into her bedroom. She would then signal to the others outside when he was undressed and ready for action.

But after the signal went out, a beeping sound, no-one came immediately as planned. When they finally burst into the room the daughter-in-law is said to have shouted “Mandiregerera.” (you let me down.)

Rumours swirled in the village that Misheck actually had sex with his daughter-in-law. But his wife said he was busted while still in his pants. Nothing happened.

“My father-in-law first approached me saying he is planning to marry me after divorcing Amai and I did not reply him. I left the house and visited our neighbour. I spent the whole day there because Amai had gone to a show while my husband was at work.

“After Amai came back I informed her first before taking the matter to my husband and we agreed to monitor his moves on me. He would utter words of admiring me whenever he met me alone in the field or fetching water by the well.

“After a trap, he was caught by my husband and mummy trying to force himself on me. He then apologised and promised to pay me a goat and a hen,” the woman said.

While the step mother-in-law confirmed the incident, she however, rubbished allegations circulating in the village that Misheck had actually bedded his daughter-in-law.

“At first I asked my husband and he denied before he later disclosed that he made several sexual advances on our daughter-in-law. It is not true that we caught him in the act. He was just in the room in his shorts.

“We held a family meeting and Misheck apologised and promised to pay Isabel. We are waiting for Misheck’s mother to give final decision. The villagers took the issue to the head and we were ordered to leave the village within 24 hours. I pleaded with the village head and some of the villagers took the case to Melfort police post,” she said.

Misheck blamed evil spirits that hound him. He refused to meet the village committee and has been in hiding ever since. H Metro