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Female dance groups take Zim by storm

For a while female dance groups had become unattractive although they stayed in the game. Suddenly the interest is back and the female dance groups are now able to attract sizeable crowds without an established musician to help them get the crowd.

Female dance groups take Zim by storm
Female dance groups take Zim by storm

Currently in top to form is pole dancer -Beverly Sibanda whose group Sexy Angels is in demand in Harare’s various night spots. There have been reports of excited men engaging the individual dancers for private events like birthday parties where some are reported to have staged strip shows.

The sight of a barely dressed female body is a big turn for most men who frequent entertainment joints. This is because -according to an international survey- men love to see women’s bodies. The more they see, the better. They don’t have to ask, beg, or pay -it’s a great bargain.

One school of thought is that these men are living a secret affair/romance with no strings attached.

“Men usually fantasize about beautiful women, they see beautiful women as the epitome of successful dating. Though most men accept the fact that they don’t have a Barbie look-alike as a partner, they can still dream.

“By seeing women of equivalent beauty that are completely or almost nude and seemingly vulnerable (even though most dancers are in complete control of what they do), going to a night spot (strip joint) allows them to get closer to that fantasy.”

This more or less applies to local men and a number of them have fallen in love with Beverly and her group.

H-Metro’s TAKAWIRA DAPI — better known as PHOTO VET — attended one of Beverly’s shows at a city joint recently. The pictures show some of the reasons why Harare men are enjoying watching Beverly and her group in action.