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Macheso misses Mupfurutsa burial in Magunje

From Noah Pito in Hurungwe

HURUNGWE- Most people who witnessed Prince Tendai Mupfurutsa’s burial in Magunje last Saturday were left wondering whether relations had been cordial between sungura musician Alick Macheso and the late barbed wire maestro.

Alick Macheso (left) with Akon (centre) and Prince Tendai (right)
Alick Macheso (left) with Akon (centre) and Prince Tendai (right)

Macheso was conspicuously absent during the burial of his fellow artiste, despite holding a show the previous night just a stone’s throw away from Mupfurutsa Village, where Prince Tendai was laid to rest.

Of late, Macheso and Prince Tendai were tight buddies as seen at the Akon/Sean Paul concert where the Orchestra Mberikwazvo was given the same treatment as the American-based singers.

It was also during the Akon/Sean Paul visit that Macheso appeared in public with his second wife Tafadzwa Mapako for the first time.

Some of Macheso’s fans who attended both the gig held the before the burial in Karoi – a 15-minute drive from Mupfurutsa Village – claimed that the sungura maestro announced to his fans that he would attend the burial although he never honoured his promise.

Most people felt Macheso should have spared a few minutes and travel to Mupfurutsa Village to bid farewell to his colleague.

A Karoi banker who attended Macheso’s show before proceeding to Mupfurutsa’s burial the following morning said: “Inasmuch as one may be pressed with some obligations, it is still very unAfrican not to attend the burial of a colleague especially when you are within reach of the burial place,” he lamented.

However, dub poet Albert Nyathi – who is the chairman of the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association – attributed the poor attendance by musicians to New Year commitments in different parts of the country. Apologising on behalf of several high-profile musicians, Nyathi said:

“We appreciate that those that did not come have commitments elsewhere. Oliver Mtukudzi flew to South Africa and Macheso is currently on national tour. It is unfortunate that this is the peak period for most musicians and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Nyathi himself was forced to cancel his show in Gwanda to attend Prince Tendai’s burial. Musicians who managed to attend the burial ceremony include Albert Nyathi, Never Gasho, Taz Moyo of the now defunct Africa Revenge, Daniel Ngwira and Emmanuel Thomas.