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An avenging spirit haunts Mudzi family

By Trust Khosa recently in Mudzi

The avenging spirit of a shopkeeper who was allegedly murdered in a suspected case of juju is now tormenting the Mutasa family in Mudzi. The poltergeist like spirit has been giving the family sleepless nights H-Metro discovered.

The two siblings, Dorcas and Lavender Mutasa have caused quite a stir in Nyakudika Village under Chief Chimoio
The two siblings, Dorcas and Lavender Mutasa have caused quite a stir in Nyakudika Village under Chief Chimoio

The restless spirit of young Givemore Katangana has been venting its anger on one Mutasa family member who allegedly killed him in a bid to boost his business interests in Mudzi and Mutoko.

And it now appears the avenging spirit – known as ngozi in vernacular – will only be appeased once the Mutasa family meets its demands. The spirit of the teenager has been speaking through two Mutasa sisters who have now assumed male voices and traits.

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The two siblings, Dorcas and Lavender have caused quite a stir in Nyakudika Village under Chief Chimoio as they are reportedly beating up and harassing accused’s relatives each time they get possessed with Givemore’s spirit.

H-Metro caught up with the REAL LIFE DRAMA last Saturday when the two girls, who were in a trance, gave a detailed account of Givemore’s grisly murder.

“My name is Givemore Katangana. I come from Mt Darwin. I was murdered by (name supplied) Mutasa in 2008 and he took away my private parts and stashed them in his shop at Makosa shopping centre,” said the girls in the ‘trance’ as they spoke with masculine voices.

“I will only rest once he pays compensation. Ndinoda zvombo zvangu zvaakatora. (I want my private parts back!” “I won’t rest until something is done,” said Dorcas while in a trance at a sangoma where the Mutasa family was gathered. All the while they were SPIRITEDLY bearing their breast out in the open in their fit of being possessed.

Interjected Lavender: (Accused) killed me at the nearby hills and hid my remains in a shallow grave. I am prepared to lead you where my remains were buried by this greedy man.” “I could not fight then because he was powerful and I was also young. He went on to perform his rituals and that’s why his businesses flourished then.”

“It was indeed juju and he used my penis as part of the ritual which I feel was unfair and should not go unpunished.”

As a sea of people gathered at the sangoma’s compound for free drama, Dorcas went on to strip half-naked and crawled on the ground writhing like snake while speaking with a deep male voice. “These people gathered here are murderers. The Mutasa family members claim to be Christian but they are really evil-minded and I don’t want to see them otherwise I will beat up everyone here.”

“Imagine; their son (Accused) killed me before I could start my own family. I am now useless without my sex organs while the accused has his.” “I will follow him to Harare where he is in hiding after I confronted him in the presence of his relatives,” said a tearful Dorcas who was being attended to by Esnath Nyamande simply known as Sekuru N’anga.

The possessed Dorcas said the spirit of Givemore was prepared to shed blood as compensation as the Mutasa family was taking too long to meet its demands. “I want 12 beasts as compensation otherwise I will continue to haunt the family.” “In fact, this is just the beginning and I am prepared to torment them for life if nothing is done by these fools.”

A family spokesperson, Barnabas Mutasa, who was among the crowd, confirmed that the accused had committed the offence although he was denying the allegations. “What she (Dorcas) said is true although my brother denied the allegations,” said Barnabas. “This issue came to light recently when we were in Mutoko attending a church service where the two sisters started to behave like Givemore.”

“We have since contacted Givemore’s family in Mt Darwin and we are going to pay the beasts.” “We however offered to pay them 10 beasts since we are related and they agreed, what is stopping us at the moment is a ritual we want to perform with the help of Sekuru N’anga here. The sangoma ordered us to put our house in order and meet Givemore’s demands,” he said.

Sekuru N’anga also told H-Metro that the Mutasa family, which has a strong ‘mapostori’ (apostolic faith sect) Christian background will only find peace once they meet Givemore’s demands.

“Mushonga wengozi kuripa sezvamunoziva. If they don’t compensate the family, the whole family will perish and their riches will mysteriously disappear,” said the sangoma as people where about to disperse after the sisters got back to their senses.

Efforts to get a comment from the accused were fruitless as he was reportedly in hiding in the capital with other reports saying he had crossed the border into Mozambique.

A police report was made in Mudzi although the warring families were advised to seek dialogue pending investigations. However, the Mutasa family said they would meet Givemore’s demands with or without the accused’s hand.

“We have been humiliated in this village and now people think we are all evil when in fact it was one person who tarnished our image.”

“Everyone in this village knows about the issue and we can’t sit on our laurels and expect a miracle to happen,” said Barnabas. As villagers dispersed, the two sisters remained holed up in Sekuru N’anga’s hut as they refused to accompany their relatives home. H Metro