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Prisoner attains 10 A Level points, behind bars

By Melody Gwenyambira

At the tender age of 16, Gift Chare was arrested after being found in possession of an unlicenced firearm. His journey to court saw him being convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. Gift, who was 16 years then, started serving his custodial sentence at Harare Central Prison Juvenile Section.

Harare Remand Prison
Harare Remand Prison

“I missed home a lot and I missed my family and friends but I had to pay for what I had done,” said Gift. When he attested into the Juvenile Section Gift received counselling which helped him to move on behind the walls. “I started attending school while in prison. I continued with my education and started studying for my A Levels. I wrote my exams and passed with 11 points,” Gift added.

A combination of Arts Divinity and English Literature and Commercials, Management of Business and Economics saw the jailbird passing with flying colours. “I studied hard and wished to pass and I did. After passing I still wanted to continue so I got a donor to sponsor me so that I could proceed with my education. I am now studying for a Diploma in Marketing Management and I am starting exams end of this month,” Gift said.

Gift, who is now aged 21, finishes his jail term in December. “I have received counselling and I have learnt a lot. I will not go out and steal neither will I commit any crime said the reformed lad. Above all, Gift took a huge step in his life. “I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I thank him for his grace and mercy. “I am now saved,” Gift said. H Metro